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Yes, European Grading have a physical retail store. So you can drop off and pick up your orders, please contact us previously by Whatapp to schedule the date and time of the appointment.

Yes, we provide wholesale or drop shipment services and we provide additional discounts for large orders.

Please use the Password Reminder page if you have forgotten your password, or contact us if you are unable to log into your account. Please do not create a new account unless instructed to do so by our staff. Duplicate accounts will be closed without notification.

European Grading has a strict multi-account policy and we do not allow customers to have more than one account. Furthermore, no account may share the same information with any other account. If you have family members or friends living in the same household who would like to shop at European Grading, please place all orders using one account. Any accounts determined to be a duplicate will be suspended and the account holder will be notified. Repeated attempts to create multiple accounts to bypass order limits, etc. may result in cancellation of all orders and/or permanent account suspension.

Our holiday period:

  • 16/03/2023 - 17/03/2023 included.
  • 07/04/2023 - 10/04/2023 included.
  • 17/04/2023
  • 14/08/2023 - 27/08/2023 included.
  • 09/10/2023
  • 12/10/2023
  • 01/11/2023
  • 06/12/2023
  • 08/12/2023
  • 22/12/2023 - 31/01/2023 included.

Due volume in key dates of sales or each time European Grading send a promo code, we cannot warranty the normal turnaround times, these orders could be extended in time. If you placed and order using a promo code and you've doubt about the turnaround time, contact us by:

Note: The promo codes are for a specific product and you can't use more of one for order, please choose the promo code more interesting for you in each moment before place the order.


An order acknowledgment is automatically sent to the e-mail address registered on the account after an order is placed. If you have not received any such notification, please check your Spam folder. In some cases e-mails from the domain are blocked. Please check with your e-mail provider to make sure you can receive e-mails from our domain.

Free e-mail services such as those provided by MSN (Hotmail, Outlook, Live), Yahoo!, Gmail, and AOL are usually able to receive our e-mails. Gmail generally has the least problems with automated store mails.

There are also some instances where your order simply did not go through due to server congestion, a poor connection, or other technical problems. If you are unsure if your order was accepted, please check your order history on the My Account page.

Unfortunately we are unable to directly add items to orders, except shop items. If you would like to add eligible items to your order, please create a new order and without pay contact us. In that case we can combine orders or shippings. 

Please understand that we cannot accept any requests for orders of sold out items.

European Grading does not accept cancellations. Please only place orders for items when you feel quite sure.

Extreme Exception: We'll do a full refund in case the order lost by shipping company.

In European Grading we do our best to offer competitive prices for our items. As such, we offer special discounts for quantities, you as customer can to get profit of that.

Order limits at European Grading are cumulative, and they are determined on a per-customer/household basis (including past orders), not a per-order basis. Order limits for an item may not be exceeded under any circumstances, regardless of the number of orders placed, and any orders found to be exceeding those limits will be canceled. Creating multiple accounts to bypass these limits is also not allowed, and continued violation may result in disciplinary action.

Orders may not be transferred. Any attempts to do so may result in all orders being canceled and/or permanent account closure of all involved accounts.

There are several possible reasons for your order being canceled:

1. Our e-mails did not reach you.
Please make sure you have provided us with a valid e-mail address and that you can receive mails from our domain ( without being blocked by your ISP / spam checker / e-mail application.
Smooth e-mail exchanges are essential to complete your transaction.

2. We asked you to do something to finalize your order but didn't get any reply.
For example, if your name or shipping address was displayed in garbled characters on our side, or when we think you might have accidentally double-ordered (receiving two identical orders overnight), we will e-mail you to confirm before proceeding with your order. If no reply is received from you after a certain period, we usually choose to cancel the entire order.

3. There is an unsettled case with your previous order.
We cannot accept orders from customers with outstanding problems on previous orders. You will be able to order again once the problem has been resolved.

4. We experienced a sudden supply shortage due to problems on the manufacturer's or distributor's side.
If this occurs, we sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience and understanding on the matter.

5. Your order has been determined to exceed store purchase limits.
In order to protect our customers and make sure that all customers have a fair chance to purchase the items they want, Order Limits are placed for some high-demand items. If it is determined that an account has ordered items beyond the stated purchase limits, any items exceeding the purchase limit will be canceled and the account holder will be notified. Customers repeatedly exceeding purchase limits may have their account suspended and any open orders canceled. Please be advised that shipped items also count towards the purchase limit.

6. You choose a payment method not available for your country.
Not all payment methods are available for all countries. Please make sure the payment method you have selected is available for your country.

7. We are unable to accept orders from you.
We are unable to accept new orders from customers whose account has been closed.


We ship Europe, for countries outsite EU, please contact us before ordering, we need the request shipping and insurance fees for your order/declared value.

Orders are shipped by Correos (Spanish Postal Service). We unfortunately do not offer any other services at this time.


MAX. 2KG FROM 1 TO 10 CARDS 11.65 €
MAX. 5KG FROM 11 TO 25 CARDS 15.50 €
MAX. 10KG FROM 26 TO 50 CARDS 18.90 €
MAX. 15KG FROM 51 TO 76 CARDS 22.55 €
MAX. 20KG FROM 76 TO 100 CARDS 26.50 €
MAX. 25KG FROM 101 TO 125 CARDS 32.50 €
MAX. 30KG FROM 126 TO  150 CARDS 39.10 €
MAX. 35KG FROM 151 TO 175 CARDS 43.00 €
MAX. 40KG FROM 176 TO 200 CARDS 61.10 €


MAX. 2KG FROM 1 TO 10 CARDS 15.50 €
MAX. 5KG FROM 11 TO 25 CARDS 28.70 €
MAX. 10KG FROM 26 TO 50 CARDS 52.15 €
MAX. 15KG FROM 51 TO 76 CARDS 72.30 €
MAX. 20KG FROM 76 TO 100 CARDS 92.40 €
MAX. 25KG FROM 101 TO 125 CARDS 115.20 €
MAX. 30KG FROM 126 TO  150 CARDS 138.70 €
MAX. 35KG FROM 151 TO 175 CARDS 159.50 €
MAX. 40KG FROM 176 TO 200 CARDS 180.90 €


MAX. 5KG FROM 1 TO 25 CARDS 61.60 €
MAX. 10KG FROM 26 TO 50 CARDS 70.10 €
MAX. 15KG FROM 51 TO 76 CARDS 108.10 €
MAX. 20KG FROM 76 TO 100 CARDS 146.50 €
MAX. 25KG FROM 101 TO 125 CARDS 184.80 €
MAX. 30KG FROM 126 TO 150 CARDS 223.10 €
MAX. 35KG FROM 151 TO 175 CARDS 243.10 €
MAX. 40KG FROM 176 TO 200 CARDS 262.30 €


MAX. 0-0,5KG FROM 1 TO 25 CARDS 24,99 €
MAX. 0,5-3KG FROM 26 TO 50 CARDS 29,99 €
MAX. 3-10KG FROM 51 TO 76 CARDS 35,99 €
MAX. 10-20KG FROM 76 TO 100 CARDS 55,08 €
*INSURANCE: This insurance will take effect in case of loss of the customer's package. The courier company reserves the right to request the original invoice for the customer's product, in order to settle the declared value of the shipment.

EUROPEAN GRADING is not responsible for any loss/damage caused by third party companies, such as the transport company. Any damage found in the package must be reported to the carrier upon delivery (leaving a record on the delivery note). No claims can be placed later.


If you would like to change address for your order, please do so through the Update shipping info/payment method link on your My direcctions  page.

Contact us inmediatly to .

If a package is returned to us due to an incorrect shipping address, we will request the customer cover shipping charges for re-delivery. Please note that the address update function on our web site does not affect previously placed orders. Only future orders reflect the changes. If you have moved or require an address change for previously placed orders, please update the address through your Account page before sending payment. Shipping updates generally cannot be made after an order is paid for.

We do not use PayPal addresses for shipping, not are the Notes section of PayPal payments checked. Please do not put any important information, such as address changes, there as they will not be used to update your orde

Our orders can’t be Split or Combined

We will always use the shipping address specified on your order account. We do not use the shipping address on your PayPal account.

Some countries may require customers to pay import fees in order to receive their orders. These fees are paid to your local government and our store unfortunately has no control over them. Please consider any import fees you may be obligated to pay before placing an order at our store. Our store is unable to undervalue shipments or mark them as "Gift" to avoid customs fees.

Some countries outside UE may require that parcels be opened during customs inspections. Unfortunately there is nothing our store can do to prevent this and we cannot be held responsible for actions by customs officials. Please be advised that we cannot provide compensation or exchanges for any items lost, seized, or damaged during customs inspections.

Parcels may be returned because they remained unclaimed, the wrong address was specified, etc. We will automatically contact customers whose parcels have been returned to our warehouse to arrange reshipment. Items will be re-shipped in the same condition as they are returned to our store. It is possible EG claim new shipping fees in this case.


If you feel you have waited long enough but your parcel still cannot be located, please contact us first instead of opening PayPal disputes. We will do our best to resolve any problems that may arise, but PayPal disputes and chargebacks will slow down our process for a prompt and amicable settlement.


Unfortunately European Grading cannot accept any requests for gift wrapping, special messages or other requests regarding shipping composition.

For any question please contact us.


Of course you can, note the certificate number it is unique and can't be replied, the duplicate will contain the duplicate date and the original number of our registry.


We just accepts payments by PayPal, Credit Card using Paypal (if not appears the option in your smartphone, please change to PC view in web browser options. In case you've problems with Paypal / Credit card, you can satisfy your order via Bank transfer, in that case contact us via , EG whatsapp Business or Facebook. Due volume the answer it is not instant but we answer all customers.

Prices can be estimated in your local currency using websites such as XE.
Please keep in mind however that we are only able to accept payments in EUR (€).

Paypal and Paypal Debit/Credit Card: Order will be charged in the same moment of the order.

Customers may use their debit/credit card. Please be advised that we do not recommend using debit cards for payment however as the way some cards are verified or charged may cause overdrafting if there are insufficient funds.

* Please understand that European Grading cannot be held responsible for any fees incurred when using debit cards on our website.

Please submit payment for your orders using your own payment information. If we discover payments originating from other individuals, the accounts may be determined to be duplicates and both accounts closed without warning.


We are unfortunately unable to provide support for PayPal or its services. Please contact PayPal to resolve any problems. Payment deadlines may not be extended due to PayPal or banking problems.


1. European Grading accepts and grades most role licensed cards up to 63 mm by 88 mm (like MTG/Pokemon/Yu Gi Oh/Sport cards). Please note that cards showing evidence of counterfeiting, tampering, or restoration will be charged the full amount according to the service option chosen. If card has been inked or painted, it will be graded like “Authentic” or “Art” and stored in our holders. We will give a numeric grade if the cards are deemed to be gradable by European Grading standards. Please refer to for updated information.

2. All submissions must be addressed to European Grading S.L.

European Postal Service address (Deutsche Post -  La Poste – Correos – Poste Italiane…):

Company: European Grading S.L. / Indufret S.L.
Street: Comte Serrallo Avenue, 83
Post Code: 46250
City: L'Alcúdia
State: Valencia
Country: Spain
Whatsapp: +34 657 41 05 63


Private Transport Company (UPS, DHL, TNT...):

Company: European Grading S.L. / Indufret S.L.
Street: Comte Serrallo Avenue, 83
Post Code: 46250
City: L'Alcúdia
State: Valencia
Country: Spain
Whatsapp +34 657 41 05 63

Improperly addressed shipments are not subject to turnaround time guarantees. Cards should be sent in oversized semi-rigid holders (such as a Card Saver I). “Penny sleeves” should also be used in conjunction with the oversized semi-rigid holders. European Grading will not be responsible for any damages incurred by the use of other holders. For detailed instructions on how to properly package your cards for shipment, please refer to next link: PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS .

3. All card submissions must be accompanied by a European Grading submission form print with an owner signature. All other forms, including handwritten copies, are null and void.

4. Remember, the one valid address is the registered in the European Grading on-line form. In case you use a PayPal account to satisfy the one address valid is the written in on-line form. After cards sent if some information wrong please contact to . We are here to help you.

5. Note your return shipping method of choice in our on-line form are:

  1. European Post Service (Worldwide): Have a maximum of 3000€ for declared value.
  2. MRW (Spain & Portugal): Have a maximum of 50000€ for declared value.
  3. DPD (All European Countries): Have a maximum of 25000€ for declared value.

Please note that EG will ship cards via DPD or MRW registered mail if the declared cards value exceed 3,000€, these will be the ones 2 options. If one order exceed 25000€, we recommend you split your order in two/three/four orders, we do not allow a declared value up 25000€ for European countries and 50000€ for Spain and Portugal. A forced order split, it could mean reduce discount applied to customer. In that cases contact us to, we’ll help you to get well-deserved quantity discount.

The one responsible of declare the correct card value is the owner and EG customer, in case the order value exceed 25000€ / 50000€ (Spain - Portugal) we allow customer’s transport company collect the order (probably customer can to get an extra insurance to cover declared value in his/her country), in this case customer is responsible if order box stolen, broken or opened for that third party transport company damages that he contracted. In case customer confused about declared value of his/her collection, please visit your near MTG specialist shop.

For big orders or high valued, we give the option: hand delivery, EG team will go customer’s hotel (if he is in Valencia State) and we deliver the cards and we’ll attend personally our customer. EG reserves the right to change carriers without notice.

6. All our products include a 21% (EU Spain) sales Tax. If you’re an European Company with a EU Valid Vat Number ( ) we can to provide an invoice with 0% TAX and will refund 21% sales tax paid previously when order complete. In that case contact us to, note we’ll require additional documents and customer request for e-mail to get a EU vat refund. Customers from countries outside EU will have a 21% vat refund after order payment.

7. Payment options: Paypal. All payment will be charge in EUR (€) currency.

8. Be sure to use a valid address when you send your cards, see 2nd point submission rules to get a right shipping address. Send the box to the attention of 'European Grading S.L.' All cards must be sent insured - EG will not be responsible for uninsured packages. Owner's declared value is used for determining insurance cost of the return shipment and the maximum amount that can be claimed for damage or loss in shipment for any card or cards. If a claim is necessary, the value of each card will be based upon the actual market value not to exceed the insured value the customer assigned to the card.

9. Failure to complete and accurately fill out the on-line submission form may result in delayed turnaround times or additional charges. If you have questions, visit our web site at or e-mail us at or whatsapp to +34  657 410 563 Failure to provide appropriate shipping address or contact information in connection with any order could result in loss of submitted cards. EG will not be responsible for returning cards sent with inadequate contact information, so EG will contact you and retain your cards in such circumstances for a period in excess of three (90) natural days from its initial receipt (If transport company send back to us your box). In case you require second shipping because you wrote a wrong address in the submission form, we will claim a new shipping payment, usually via PayPal.

10. The rights and obligations of both you and EG shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Spain, excluding its choice of law rules. By your submission of cards EG, you hereby (a) agree to all of the terms and conditions of these Submission Instructions, (b) submit yourself to the exclusive venue and jurisdiction of Spain, Valencia Court so you agree that any lawsuit, will be filed in the Courts of Alzira (Valencia) - SPAIN and (c) expressly waive any venue or jurisdiction to which you may otherwise be entitled by your present or future domiciles.

11. EG shall have no liability whatsoever to the customer for any damage to any cards that EG can reasonably demonstrate occurred while not in the custody or control of EG. Customer must inspect all cards immediately upon receipt (remember write if box damaged in transport company document and take pictures before and after open it) send them as soon possible to EG (Maximum 24h). Remember to report any damage or discrepancy (such as mechanical errors pertaining to the description of the card) to EG within five (5) natural days of customer’s receipt of the cards. Failure to properly inspect, identify and report the damage, discrepancy or error to EG within 5 natural days of customer receipt of the card will make the customer/submitter financially liable for any and all losses and/or claims caused by the circulation or sale of the mis-marked or inappropriately identified card.

12. EG will provide collectors with the finest, most thorough, consistent and accurate grading efforts available in the industry. Disputed grades on cards are limited to typographical errors on the label (i.e., the wrong set name). Turnaround times will be 24h. but can increase due a large amount of work 48/72h. Represent business days during which the order is in the possession of EG (time in transit is excluded) and begin the day after your order is received at EG. Turnaround could change in that case EG will notify in social networks (i.e. holidays, xmas..).

13. EG can use scan or pictures of your graded cards for customer, trader, dealer training and advertising purposes.

14. If the customers' order get lost, customer will supply the documents required for the transport company (invoices, orders, official documents...). The transport company it is the one responsible in agree the documents and refund the declared value directly to the customer.

15.All the Card Holders used by EG:

  1. They has been previously aspired and blown.
  2. The inner plastic layer it is totaly transparent.
  3. Our card holder it is full transparent, it is possible to see small particles or fibers. These are normal in the production process.
  4. If the customer has not satisfied with the card holder. EG will reholder the card taking care and reading the customer instructions.
  5. EG offers Reholder Service (Cost fee). Customer will satisfy the shipping to EG and the fee+insurance from EG to her/his home/company.

16. All the cards with a size bigger/smaller than 88 mm x 63 mm will be sleeved to avoid damages in the welding process and to avoid future movement inside or card holder that will damage the card. The welding process it could produce random creases in the sleeves. That is part of the normal process.

17. About EG Card Holder Label: EG it is not responsible of eny spelling mistake, incomplete information, etc. EG check and complete the information of the label ''Good Faith' to upgrade the information contributed for our customers. That info or the lack of information can't be used against the company and demand compensations: economic or reholder fee FOC (free of charge).

18. The information that customer complete in the submission form - Field Variation/Coments are informative for EG and we do not assure, all the information will be displayed in our label. EG efforts to provide truthful information and the most complete possible.

19. In case customer send us counterfeit cards or stickers. EG will avoid introduce the card in our cardholder and EG will not refund the cost of the grading service to the customer. We'll send a letter in attached to the card or subsequently by e-mail.

20. By clicking the box below and selecting the "Next" button, Customer Acknowledges that he/she has read the European Grading Terms and Conditions (the "Agreement") set forth above and agrees to abide by this Agreement, and further agrees that EG is entitled to rely upon and benefit from this Agreement.