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European Grading S.L / Indufret S.L
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46250 L'Alcúdia(Valencia) - SPAIN
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We do not grade cards that exceed 66 mm x 92 mm, greater sizes described above will be considered oversized (too large to holder - LRG).

Following you can read definitions and rejection codes that we use to identify each anomaly found in the card. For that reason card can not be graded.

* The fees paid for these cards will NOT be refunded, If a card it is oversize we'll grade under the service EG CARD REVIEW.



  • Bleached: Generic term for the chemical process of cleaning or removing stains or dirt.
  • Erasure: Removal of portions of the text or print from the card.
  • Rebuilt: Addition of material to recreate card structure. Usually used to recreate worn or missing corners.
  • Resurfacing: Addition of glaze or other substances to recreate surface structure.


Rejection Codes:




A Bleached BLE
B Color Added COL
C Power Erased ERA
D Minimum Graded Not Met MIN
E Too Large to Holder (Oversized) LRG
F Miscut MIS
G Cannot/Do Not Grade NO
H Pressed PRS
I Rebuilt REB
J Too Small to Holder (Short) SML
K Evidence of Trimming TRM
L Counterfeit COU
M Resurfaced SUR


Rejection Code Zones



1 Upper Left Corner
2 Upper Right Corner
3 Lower Right Corner
4 Lower Left Corner
5 Upper Edge-Top Surface
6 Right Edge-Side Surface
7 Lower Edge-Bottom Surface
8 Left Edge-Side Surface
9 Front-Front Surface
0 Back-Back Surface


  • Sample 1: "I1" Identify a card that been rebuild in the upper rigth corner.
  • Sample 2:"X" This means card it’s a Counterfeit and it does not original. All card rejected for European Grading will be identify with rejection codes and rejection zones (if applicable).


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